Introducing Onward After Hours

2019-01-31T14:08:07+00:00 January 5th, 2019|Event, Helping younger generations to thrive|

There is no shortage of policy events in Westminster. But they often follow a similar format, with a familiar crowd, and can feel a little repetitive.

We want to change that. Last year, we held a series of events with young people. We experimented with the format and location – we packed the upstairs of a pub, we travelled to start-up hub in King’s Cross and we held a book talk in the City. We are now ready to launch our new events series.

It’s called Onward After Hours.

The idea is simple: to create events with a difference, combining top-notch speakers, a young crowd and a relaxed atmosphere. We will dispense with one-way Q&A, by getting our speakers to ask questions of our audience. We will find awesome venues that inspire and get us outside Westminster. And we will find the topics that no one is talking about, but should be.

We have a host of Onward After Hours events coming up. Please sign up to our mailing list by clicking Join Onward on the navigation bar to ensure you get an invite.