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Business leaders network

Our business leaders network brings together experienced, committed leaders from industry to help direct our work and contribute new ideas to centre right policymaking. Our members recognise the need for a new vision to unite the country, to engage younger generations and to ensure the stability of the economy, and want to be part of the conversation that develops it. The network will focus on Britain’s long-term social and economic challenges, rather than Brexit.

As a member, you will receive invitations to Onward events, including roundtable policy discussions, research launches and conferences. You will also be invited to private dinners, have the opportunity to host an Onward After Hours event with our young supporters, and attend Onward’s annual celebration for policymakers and our supporters.

You will be given a preview of Onward research, through invitations to working sessions and conference calls ahead of publication. Where you have particular expertise, we will engage you in our work to ensure our work is always grounded in reality, although Onward retains full editorial control over our research priorities and conclusions and we do not accept corporate sponsorship of research reports.

Most members join as individuals, for which the minimum donation is £2,500 + VAT a year. Some of our donors choose to voluntarily give more than this amount, although please be aware that under our commitment to transparency we declare all donors who give over £5,000 each year.

If you would like to join as a corporate organisation, with the ability to send multiple team members to events and to engage more broadly with Onward, the minimum donation is £10,000 + VAT per year.

Please contact Katie Fairclough at to discuss joining the network.

Corporate members include: