Clean Comeback: A landmark Onward events series

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We are delighted to announce Clean Comeback, a major series of virtual events to deliberate the policy and political challenges to deliver net zero. 

The UK faces a gargantuan challenge to decarbonise the economy. Yet with the right political will and ideas, it can be done. Coronavirus has not halted the calls for the net zero transition, but instead focused minds on how we can ‘build back greener’ in the months, years and decades ahead. With COP26 less than six months away and the Government’s agenda geared towards a green recovery, it has never been more crucial to discuss, deliberate and generate new ideas that will enable this transition.

Our events will convene leading thinkers to consider key challenges for Ministers as we embark on the green recovery – topics include sustainable finance, future farming, decarbonising city transportation, green homes, and net zero innovation.

We have an exciting lineup of speakers, with our first event on sustainable finance on Monday 24th May. Stay tuned for further dates and speakers due to be announced over the coming weeks.

Investing wisely: The role of ESG and sustainable finance for the future

The last few years have seen a  growing trend of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decisions to ensure they are genuinely sustainable. Now, as we emerge from the immediate effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, ESG investment decisions are accelerating out of both desire and financial necessity. Companies and funds that have a strong emphasis on ESG goals have outperformed their less resilient rivals, and responsible investment is now not only the environmentally friendly decision,  but also the fiscally sensible decision as well. There is a growing community of investors that are seeking stable, long-term returns, with an increase in interest in sustainable finance.

This event will highlight why sustainable practices should be at the core of economic and financial thinking, and provide a platform to promote the UK as a world leader in sustainable finance. It will offer a chance to discuss what the right policies and regulations are to mobilise the potential of capital in achieving net zero, and how best to spur on higher levels of ESG investment in the future.

  • Guy Oppermaan MPMinister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion
  • Harriett Baldwin MP, Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire
  • Ben Caldecott, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme
  • Alan Haywood, Head of ESG, bp 

When: Monday, 24th May

Time: 10.30am – 11.30am

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Future Farming : Harnessing the power of agriculture to tackle climate change

Agriculture is currently responsible for roughly 10% of the carbon emissions in the UK. Having left the European Union, this is an opportune moment to realign the way in which rural Britain interacts with nature. Communities up and down the country rely on this industry to survive, but for too long the subsidy regime has been skewed and our environment and biodiversity has suffered as a result. Going forward, it is imperative that nature restoration and sustainable farming practices are put front and centre of the Environmental Land Management scheme. Agriculture is one of the great frontiers of climate action and like the rest of our economy, they need to be aligned with our pursuit of net zero emissions. This event will examine future farming and how best to incentivise sustainable and environmentally positive land use over the next thirty years.

  • Victoria Prentis MP,Parliamentary Secretary of State for Farming,  Fisheries, and Food
  • Minette Batters, President of the NFU of England and Wales
  • Will Wells, CEO, Hummingbird
  • Tanya Steele, CEO, WWF UK.

When: Monday, 21st Juune

Time: 1:30pm – 2:30pm

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Emitting the Travel Burden: The future of city transportation 

The pandemic-induced lockdowns instigated a rapid decline in transport emissions as global travel came to standstill and commuting stopped. However, the transport sector in the UK remains the largest source of emissions in the UK, and as the economy reopens, broad trends are expected to see transport emissions rise again.Against this backdrop, the Government has introduced a date for phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030, and is preparing to publish a Transport Decarbonisation Plan which will set out a roadmap for decarbonising surface transport. This plan will promote a shift in consumer behaviour, such as encouraging low emission vehicle uptake. However, such a shift will have major impacts on tax revenue with a reduction in VED and fuel duty.The Government must now decide how to fill this revenue gap, while still getting more people into low emission vehicles ahead of the 2030 ban. The Transport Select Committee is looking at the issue of road pricing as a potential solution, and the results of the Committee’s current inquiry are likely to be examined closely by HM Treasury.This event is an opportunity to hear first-hand how leading policymakers are approaching the challenges involved in decarbonising road transport, and to discuss how we can deliver a fair transition that makes the UK a world leader in revolutionising the transport sector.

  • Huw Merriman MP, Chair of the Transport Select Committee
  • Dame Caroline Spelman, Co-Chair, Getting to Zero & Former Environment Secretary
  • Sam Hall, Director CEN.
  • Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager, Uber

When: Wednesday 23rd June

Time: 3.00 – 4.00pm

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Tech for 2050: Fostering innovation in the pursuit of net zero.

Technological innovation will be central to achieving net zero. The Government has now pledged for R&D spending to be as much as 3% of GDP by the late 2020s and it is crucial that this money is spent in the right places and the right regulation is put in place to allow the zero carbon sectors to flourish. There will be no silver bullet for tackling climate change, our future will undoubtedly include a mix of Renewables, CCUS, Nuclear and Hydrogen. Policy makers must now consider how to ensure pace and scale of the rollout of these future technologies. If these industries are given the room to accelerate, the UK can become a world leader and exporter in green technologies of the future.

This event will consider the role of these technologies, notably Nuclear, in decarbonising the UK,and discuss how the Government can intervene to accelerate their development.

  • Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Minister for Business, Energy, and Clean Growth
  • Alexander Stafford MP, Member of Parliament for Rother Valley
  • Guy Newey, Director, Energy Systems Catapult
  • Simone Rossi, CEO, EDF in the UK.

When: Monday, 28th June

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

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