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Do the public think the UK should fund climate adaptation in poorer countries?

People are largely positive about the UK funding climate adaptation abroad. Nearly half (46%) of voters agree that the UK should fund climate adaptation abroad and just a quarter (28%) disagree. And 2019 voters for every major party except the Brexit party are in agreement that the UK should fund climate adaptation abroad. This view is held more strongly by Labour and Liberal Democrat voters, with net agreement among voters for these parties at 42% and 43% respectively.

2019 Conservative voters are more split, with 40% in agreement and 34% disagreeing. However, when looking ahead to the next election, agreement increases among those who intend to vote Conservative. For this group of people, net agreement rises to 14% with just 29% disagreeing that the UK should fund climate adaptation projects abroad. These results suggest that adaptation spending is something that Conservative voters generally support and that it does not go against the principles of the Party’s core voter base.

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