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A Remote Chance?

The future of work and a post-pandemic future

When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, the remote workforce skyrocketed overnight. And while the public health risk from Covid is decreasing, some form of remote work is likely here to stay. The hybrid model which many employers and employees have benefitted from has not only created flexibility for workers, it has been shown in many cases to improve productivity. But there are concerns about potential downsides, including the loss of ‘watercooler moments’ weakening workplace culture, and a reduction in opportunities for younger employees to learn informally.

The challenge now is to support the shift to a teleworking future whilst maintaining what works about face to face interaction. This new form of working will enable the spread of work in more remote regions, something that is particularly important for the Government’s levelling up ambitions. As recent Onward research has shown, moving civil servants to other regions outside of London could have a positive effect on growth and decision-making, bringing knowledge-intensive jobs growth in parts of the country which need it most. 

This panel event will consider the future of work, and the economic impact which hybrid and remote working can have in a post-pandemic world.

In person events are a great way to engage with experts, industry professionals and parliamentarians on the subject. If you are interested in attending this event, please email james.bennett@ukonward.com

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June 6, 2022


Online and Central Westminster location

This event is kindly supported by Zoom


Chaired by Lizzy Burden, UK Economy Reporter, Bloomberg News

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