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Another Brick in the Wall

Where is the battleground for the next General Election?

At the last election, the Conservatives swept to victory on the back of the fall of the “Red Wall”, a cluster of seats in the North and Midlands of England that shrugged off long-standing Labour incumbency to return Conservative MPs. It was a seismic realignment of the British electorate that delivered a historic fourth Conservative term and plunged Labour into existential crisis. The battleground of British politics appeared to shift North.

This event will launch Onward’s next big political report, Another Brick in the Wall, which explores where the next political battlegrounds are likely to be located, which voter coalitions the main political parties could bring together, and who will be the key swing voters in 2024. 

This event will be streamed online. If you are interested in attending this event, please click below.



February 28, 2022