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Applying AI

How Data and AI can boost an R&D revolution

The Government has committed to transforming the UK economy to become more robust, agile and resilient to unlock postcrisis growth. As part of this goal, the Prime Minister has set out an ambitious goal of becoming a global science superpower. By seizing the opportunities that come from an innovation led economy,  policy makers can kick into gear an industrial renaissance in parts of the country which are most in need of economic revival, increasing productivity, while creating more and better paid jobs. 

One of the UK’s greatest scientific assets is our strengths in artificial intelligence, deep learning and data. And while Ministers are right to take advantage of our foundational assets already in place, policy makers must now think strategically about how these technologies can enrich lives and transform businesses of all sizes. At the same time, in order to remain globally competitive, the UK must ensure that the governance and regulatory regimes are kept up to date with technological advancements. Furthermore, as AI takes on a greater role in our everyday lives, Government must ensure that proper oversight is carried out in order to ensure that the benefits of AI are not outweighed by the costs.

Building on the National AI strategy launched last year, this fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference 2022 will consider how best to encourage further growth by harnessing the powers of data, and more broadly how to take advantage of emerging technologies to transform the UK economy for the better. It will be a chance to consider the power of AI technologies, while recognising the need to balance the questions of data ethics and responsibility for the UK to become a world leader in innovation. 

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October 3, 2022


Library of Birmingham, Room 101

This event is kindly supported by RELX


  • Baroness Morgan of Cotes
  • Matt Warman MP, Member of Parliament for Boston and Skegness
  • Hetan Shah, CEO, The British Academy
  • Richard Mollet, Head of European Government Affairs, RELX
  • Baroness Rock, Science and Technology Select Committee Member (Chair)