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Balancing support for health, high streets and household finances in Britain’s food system

The war in Ukraine has disrupted supply chains and driven up food prices for everybody. Britain’s restaurants, still recovering from the impact of the pandemic, have been hit by higher overhead costs across the board. Campaigners have highlighted the soaring costs of food staples, hitting consumers at the supermarket as well as high street restaurants still recovering from the pandemic. In the face of these pressures, policymakers have been forced to confront challenging trade-offs around the introduction and implementation of new public health regulations related to foods high in fat, salt, or sugar. 

This event will bring together MPs, industry representatives, and other relevant stakeholders to discuss how to find ways that we can celebrate and support local restaurants while improving the health of the population. It will explore the different roles played by incentives, regulation, and public information – identifying concrete ways that the public and private sectors can work together effectively.




January 23, 2023


Central Westminster location

This event is kindly supported by UberEats