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Empowering Regions: How can we accelerate regeneration and investment?

Towns and cities across the UK need additional investment to build new housing and infrastructure, to decarbonise, and to support local growth. And patient capital exists across the UK, including in life insurers as well as pension funds, looking to invest for the long-term, creating significant social value. But nationally we struggle to bring forward enough investable projects, leading to lower growth and worse regional outcomes.

This event, led by Housing Minister Lee Rowley,  will consider the steps required to secure institutional investment for local authorities and combined authorities across the country. Speakers will reflect on the findings from the Purposeful Finance Commission, an independent organisation supported by the Pension Insurance Corporation plc (PIC). The Commission is made up of leading combined authority figures and local government leads who have come together to identify, understand and overcome the barriers that communities across the country are facing in regenerating local areas, and in accessing long-term investment to support this




March 25, 2024


InHouse Communications, Kings Building, 16 Smith Square, SW1P 3JJ