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Fighting Fit: Empowering Communities to Combat Obesity

The UK is in the grip of an obesity epidemic with left-behind communities struggling the most. Obesity rates amongst women in the most deprived areas are 17 percentage points higher than women in the least deprived areas. For men the gap is eight points, an increase by two in just five years. Deprived children have also seen a large increase; 13% of deprived children were obese in 2019/20, compared to 8.5% in 2006. 

The Government has already taken bold steps to tackle the obesity crisis in the UK and the Department for Health and Social Care remains committed to reversing the trend. But obesity continues to disproportionately impact deprived areas the most and it must be tackled. 

This private roundtable will consider the role that regulation should play in tackling obesity and reaching the most disadvantaged and at-risk groups. It will also consider the role that businesses can play through corporate social responsibility and other initiatives.



June 27, 2023


This event is kindly supported by Ferrero.