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Levelling up the labour market

How do we maximise opportunity and unleash talent?

The recovery from coronavirus has so far been jobs-rich, with one of the tightest labour markets on record and high numbers of vacancies. However, there has been an exodus of older workers from the workforce, and there remains challenges when it comes to the employment of disadvantaged groups, such as disabled people and the long-term unemployed. The Government is rightly focused on getting people into work, progressing employees within work, and helping them plan and pursue a career. 

Success is vital for levelling up, given the variation in employment and skills in different parts of the UK and the need for everyone to have access to good quality, well paid and productive work, wherever they are and whoever they may be.

This roundtable will bring together MPs, employers, worker groups and policy analysts to discuss what more can be done to support people both into work in absolute terms, and into better, more productive and more secure jobs. It should be timely given the risks to the labour market from inflation and potential recession, and the slowing of the recovery. 



November 29, 2022


Central Westminster location

This event is kindly supported by Maximus