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Investing wisely

The last few years have seen a growing trend of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decisions to ensure they are genuinely sustainable. Now, as we emerge from the immediate effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, ESG investment decisions are accelerating out of both desire and financial necessity. Companies and funds that have a strong emphasis on ESG goals have outperformed their less resilient rivals, and responsible investment is now not only the environmentally friendly decision,  but also the fiscally sensible decision as well. There is a growing community of investors that are seeking stable, long-term returns, with an increase in interest in sustainable finance.



May 24, 2021



This event was kindly supported by BP

This event highlights why sustainable practices should be at the core of economic and financial thinking, and provide a platform to promote the UK as a world leader in sustainable finance. It offers a chance to discuss what the right policies and regulations are to mobilise the potential of capital in achieving net zero, and how best to spur on higher levels of ESG investment in the future.


  • Guy Opperman MPMinister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion
  • Harriett Baldwin MP, Member of Parliament for West Worcestershire
  • Ben Caldecott, Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme
  • Alan Haywood, Head of ESG, BP