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Keynote Speech by George Freeman MP, Science Superpower: the UK’s Global Science Strategy beyond Horizon Europe

Onward are thrilled to host the Science Minister, George Freeman MP, for his speech entitled Science Superpower: the UK’s Global Science Strategy beyond Horizon Europe.

The UK has a distinguished heritage as a science and technology pioneer. From Watson and Crick, to Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, and Rosalind Franklin, the UK has sustained its global impact and influence over the decades. International collaboration has been central to many groundbreaking advances in research and innovation, with British scientists forming world-leading partnerships to solve global challenges.

Now the UK has left the European Union there is a chance to reconsider how we invest in our science capabilities. Maintaining the status quo would see us invest to participate in Horizon Europe. But with a price tag of approximately £15 billion, Ministers must ensure this represents best value for money. 

In this speech, the Science Minister will set out the challenges and opportunities that should frame the decision about EU collaboration on science and innovation. What are the major opportunities and threats when it comes to our ambitions to be a Science Superpower? Where does the UK sit in the global race to science and tech dominance? Who should we see as foes to protect against or friends to collaborate with? And what are the practical considerations to setting up Horizon Plan B: what capabilities would we invest in, over what time period, and in which ways?

This event is the first of a two-part series. The second will take place on Thursday 12th January at 4pm when we’ll be hosting a webinar with a panel of experts reacting to the Science Minister’s keynote speech. Our panellists will be setting out their views on the UK’s future partnership with Horizon and global science strategy. Further details will be released soon.

Please note that this event is now fully subscribed. It will be livestreamed on YouTube. You can sign up to stream the event below. 



January 11, 2023


Central Westminster Location