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Levelling Up: From Theory to Practice

The Government has now published its plan to level up economic opportunity and civic pride in every part of the UK. The recently published Levelling Up White Paper lays out in detail the UK’s enduring regional imbalances, the evidence about their causes, and the implications for people’s lives in different parts of the UK. 

Ministers have committed to a long-term policy programme to reduce spatial inequality and boost growth and living standards across the UK, guided by twelve ambitious missions and including radical devolution from Whitehall to town halls. But publishing the document is the easiest bit. The hard yards start now. 

This event will explore the main themes of the White Paper and how we can move from policy to implementation. We will explore the role of different Whitehall departments and Parliament in ensuring Levelling Up does not go the way of previous local growth policies, and how local areas can assume a greater role in levelling up their areas.

To watch this event, please click the link below:

Levelling Up: From Theory to Practice – YouTube



March 7, 2022




Andy Haldane, Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office and Chair of the Levelling Up Taskforce 

Cllr Abi Brown, Leader of Stoke-on-Trent City Council 

Professor Richard Jones, Vice President for Regional Innovation and Civic Engagement at the University of Manchester