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Maximum Impact: Defining how success is measured in making the UK a Science and Technology Superpower

Science and technology underpin the Government’s plans to deliver growth, prosperity and opportunity across the country. This has led the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology to start translating these commitments into action and realizing the potential of the UK science and research base. 

 Strategies have been published which map out the steps as to how the UK becomes a science superpower by 2030. One of the first markers of success will be defining the five “critical technologies”. Getting ahead in these areas of comparative advantage requires sustained focus, investment and commitment in the innovation ecosystem. But how will success be measured? What will define the UK as a true science superpower? And how will the UK advance its place on the global research leaderboards? 

This panel event , led by the new science minister Andrew Griffith, will bring together leading experts and commentators to discuss the metrics by which success will be measured and how they are defined. 

The discussion will be followed by a short Q&A.




December 12, 2023


Onward, 4 Millbank, Westminster, SW1P 3JA