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Power to the People: Securing Community Support for New Green Infrastructure

The UK is in the foothills of an unprecedented energy transition, catalysed by Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine. To secure its energy supplies and meet its net zero targets, the Government is turning to renewable energy and upgrading its power grid. But local opposition often gets in the way of development.

According to Onward’s new polling of rural voters, there is an overwhelming majority in favour of building onshore wind and solar farms. But over three quarters of all respondents agreed renewable energy projects should financially contribute in some way to the local community.

In their upcoming report, Power to the People, Onward argues that engagement and participation is the best way to overcome local opposition to renewable projects and grid infrastructure. A strong community benefits policy is key to planning reform, including lifting the de facto ban on onshore wind. Join this Onward webinar with Ed Miliband, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, to discuss the new report.



July 19, 2023