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Pride in Place: How can Britain revive its ‘Little Platoons’ and rebuild its social fabric?

How can Britain restore its sense of pride in place? Since Onward was founded in 2018, themes of community, place, localism, strengthening regional economies and boosting civil society have been core to our research on Levelling Up and beyond. 

Onward was pioneering in seeking to measure the strength of Britain’s social fabric, finding that in too many places community strength has become frayed. With nearly four million Britons experiencing chronic loneliness, and ever more pressure for young people to move away from home, how can public policy further a renewal of civic participation, local pride and a shared experience of community?

This panel event is part of our series on the Future of Conservatism, Onward’s commission seeking to chart a course for the future of the British centre-right. With an expert panel of speakers including Minister of State for Housing, Lee Rowley, we will discuss how to level up left-behind communities and restore pride in place.



February 27, 2024


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