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Private Roundtable: Powering Up: Developing a comprehensive network for electric vehicle charging across the Midlands and beyond

Rolling out Electric Vehicles across the UK will require collaboration across sectors, silos, and spatial levels. Local and regional governments will play a particularly important role, delivering the infrastructure necessary to support electric vehicles including new charging networks. Local leaders will also play a broader political role, encouraging people to invest in new technologies while also supporting modal shift to public transport where possible. 

The Midlands is well positioned to lead this transition. It hosts industrial clusters around the automotive and future transport industries and has a well developed partnership approach to developing regional charging infrastructure. It has clear leadership on transport in the West Midlands through Andy Street, and will shortly host a new East Midlands Combined Authority. 

This roundtable will ask what needs to be prioritised so the region can lead the the UK on EV revolution, particularly on electric vehicle charging infrastructure? And what other regions can be doing to follow suit.

If you would like to attend this event, please email angus.lloyd-skinner@ukonward.com.



March 20, 2023


Central Westminster