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Restitch: The Social Fabric Summit

The fabric of Western society is unravelling. Everywhere we face a crisis of connection – from our fellow citizens, the places we inhabit, the institutions vested with shared culture and history. But there is growing evidence that the problems we face – polarised politics, lopsided economies and fraying communities – are surmountable if we take the time to renew the places, networks and institutions that bind people together. We need to restitch the social fabric as the pandemic subsides.

The Social Fabric Summit will bring together leading politicians, community and faith leaders, leading thinkers, and ordinary citizens to generate ideas, momentum and conversations to renew society in the wake of coronavirus. At a time of rising interest in the role of social institutions and networks in supporting democracy and economic prosperity, we want to identify how we can create more connected and rooted societies. It is organised by Onward and Create Streets.

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May 24, 2022


Church House, Westminster, and The Piece Hall, Halifax