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Rewiring Britain: how to get the grid upgrade done

Net zero is about building wind turbines and pylons as much as it is planting trees. Electrification is the most efficient way to decarbonise heat and transport, the UK’s top two emitting sectors. But staunch local opposition to new power lines puts pressure on politicians to block infrastructure that is crucial to securing Britain’s energy supplies.

The Government’s response to the Winser review paves the way for the community benefits and planning reforms required to accelerate the expansion of the UK’s electricity transmission networks. But further issues will need to be resolved to ensure this crucial development takes place, such as securing the supply chain, developing the necessary skills and expanding domestic manufacturing.

This panel, led by UK Electricity Networks Commissioner Nick Winser, will discuss how the Government should implement its response to the Winser review and explore international examples that could provide a guide to accelerate this greatly needed development.   

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March 4, 2024


Central Westminster

This event is kindly supported by OTTP and SSEN.