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Safer Streets: Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour to Level-Up

Tackling antisocial behaviour is the public’s top priority when it comes to levelling up their local area. Research from Onward and a range of other organisations has found that in towns and cities across the UK, residents don’t feel safe on the streets. The impacts of antisocial behaviour are felt most keenly on victims. But they have much wider effects – reducing the number of commuters, scaring away potential customers from shops and pubs, and weakening our social fabric by reducing serendipitous conversations on street corners. 

The Government’s plan to tackle antisocial behaviour sets out a new path. It proposes a balance of prevention and punishment, mobilising actors from across a range of organisations to make rapid progress on a growing problem.

This event brings together a range of experts to discuss the Government’s new antisocial behaviour action plan – considering whether it goes far enough, what needs to happen to make it a success, and if it will lead to concrete results before the next election.



March 28, 2023