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Taking back control

One of the UK economy’s enduring weaknesses is the confusing and weak governance structures that exist at local level. While Germany and the United States, for example, have established regional and local governance, much economic and social policy in the UK originates in Westminster.

This event considered what the future model of local governance could look like, and how best to make it work. Ahead of the publication of the Devolution and Recovery White Paper, it provides a platform to examine how devolution or other reforms could be a catalyst for more powerful local leadership, stability, and community empowerment.



April 20, 2021



This event was kindly supported by Power to Change.


  • Simon Clarke MP, Former Minister of State for Regional Growth & Local Government
  • Jo Gideon MP, Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central
  • Professor Phillip McCann, Chair in Urban and Regional Economics, Sheffield University
  • Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive, Power to Change
  • Neil O’Brien MP, Member for Harborough (Chair)