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Tech for 2050

Technological innovation will be central to achieving net zero. The Government has now pledged for R&D spending to be as much as 3% of GDP by the late 2020s and it is crucial that this money is spent in the right places and the right regulation is put in place to allow the zero carbon sectors to flourish. There will be no silver bullet for tackling climate change, our future will undoubtedly include a mix of Renewables, CCUS, Nuclear and Hydrogen. Policy makers must now consider how to ensure pace and scale of the rollout of these future technologies. If these industries are given the room to accelerate, the UK can become a world leader and exporter in green technologies of the future.

This event considered the role of these technologies, notably Nuclear, in decarbonising the UK ,and discussed how the Government can intervene to accelerate their development.



June 28, 2021



This event was kindly supported by EDF.