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The Future of AI: A keynote speech from the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology

Artificial intelligence in the UK and beyond is at a crossroads. With generative AI driving disruption, the Government hopes to harness its world-leading science prowess to unleash growth and prosperity across the country. The Government is also seeking to place the UK at the forefront of the global debate around AI security, hosting the first global AI Safety Summit this November.

There is a global debate on how we should control AI. If we are overly restrictive we risk losing out on the benefits that AI promises. Does the government have a realistic plan to strike the right balance?

In this keynote speech, the Secretary of State will set out the UK’s AI strategy and how the government plans to ensure UK security, prosperity and influence in a world increasingly driven by AI.

This event is kindly sponsored by Imperial College London.



October 24, 2023


Central Westminster Location

This event is kindly supported by Imperial College London