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The Future of Conservatism: What’s the Big Idea?

Rishi Sunak has said his government will take long-term decisions in the national interest, tackling a failed “thirty year consensus”. Onward’s first report in its Future of Conservatism series, The Case for Conservatism, echoes this theme. 

Conservative policy thinking must change to prioritise the flourishing of the whole national community rather than individuals or classes. The public’s desire for strong borders, law and order and greater security must go hand in hand with accepting the need for a new and better economic model. 

As the rest of the world pulls back from ultra-globalisation in the race for stronger national security and greater domestic fairness, Britain risks being left behind. A more resilient economy goes hand-in-hand with a better deal for workers who have not benefited enough from the status quo. We argue that a robust vision for more widely shared prosperity with a greater commitment to the common good is not a departure from conservatism, but fundamental to it. 

This panel event brings together some of conservatism’s leading thinkers to share their views on the future of the centre-right and what should be their focus moving forward.

Drinks will be available from 17:30 before this event begins at 18:00.

The discussion will be followed by a short Q&A.





December 12, 2023


Onward, 4 Millbank, Westminster, SW1P 3JA