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The Home Front: Harnessing our manufacturing and engineering capacity to level up communities

Turbulent events around the world have made clear the need to maintain a sovereign defence capability. At the same time, controversy around the Newport Wafer Fab site has emphasised the importance of resilient domestic manufacturing and engineering industries. Conversations in Westminster are coalescing around these twin challenges – boosting investment in our armed forces and protecting strategically important supply chains.

This renewed focus can yield benefits at home and abroad. Communities across the Midlands and the North host parts of Britain’s manufacturing sectors that generate good jobs and boost investment. Supporting these clusters means leveraging public procurement, investing in skills and employment pathways, and promoting trade and exports to new markets. There is a potential for a national security and economic security win-win – but it won’t occur by accident.

This event will consider what steps the Government needs to take to boost domestic engineering and manufacturing clusters and support levelling up. We will examine what has worked historically, and what hasn’t, in harnessing the potential of engineering and manufacturing industries to secure Britain’s place on the global stage.



July 18, 2023


iNHouse Communications, Kings Building, 16 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JJ

This event is kindly supported by BAE Systems.