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Business with Purpose: How social enterprises build a more resilient society

Social enterprises can act as a first line of fiscal defence in the UK economy. Through more preventative and integrated services, they stop costs just being shifted around the system, addressing root causes and overcoming state failure. At the same time, their more inclusive business models produce and spread wealth in tough areas, creating good jobs and protecting high streets.

Social enterprises can also operate as a fiscal buffer, reducing pressure and lifting the weight from an overburdened public sector. Much like the Peace Dividend, the ‘purpose dividend’ can help the state borrow, spend or tax less.

This panel led by Kevin Hollinrake, Minister for Enterprise, Markets and Small Businesses, will bring together leading experts to discuss the nature of the problem facing the UK and firms today and what needs to change to ensure social enterprises become staples on our high streets and in our town centres today.



April 16, 2024


InHouse Communications, Kings Building, 16 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JJ

Social Enterprise