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Alongside the State of our Social Fabric report, the authors have published The Social Fabric Index which combines an array of data on the elements of community which matter most to people to understand how the social fabric of the UK varies by geography and has changed over time. In doing so, the authors identify not only the places which demand the greatest attention, but the communities whose strength offers lessons for how others might respond. The index is made up of five pillars of the Social Fabric:

  1. Relationships. The membership of formal groups in a community and their participation in activities with many people. This considers the clusters of social but formally organised groups of people in the public sphere of a community and community-owned assets.
  2. Physical Infrastructure. The physical assets that are present in communities which facilitate, structure and organise people within a community. It explores the resources and infrastructure of place that act as centres of daily life interactions and social connections between people.
  3. Civic institutions. The health of democracy and governance at both the local and national level. This considers the quality, trust and satisfaction of people with public institutions in the community in which they live.
  4. Economic value. The tangible assets which hold a monetary and/or economic value to an individual or family within a community.
  5. Positive Social norms. The personal well-being and cultural attitudes of individuals and families in a community. It explores the influence of people’s wider habits, behaviours and activities that are at play in a community,

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