Matt Hancock references Onward’s findings in The Times

2019-05-10T13:21:55+00:00 May 8th, 2019|Blog, The Times|

In The Times on Saturday, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock referenced Onward’s Generation Why? findings as he reiterated his belief that voters “want the centre, not the extremes”:

If the Tories just become the Brexit party, “we are finished”, he warns. “Moving to the right in response to Jeremy Corbyn moving to the hard left is exactly the wrong answer. There is a yearning for a political movement to not just occupy the centre ground but dominate it and unite the country. Politics at the moment is a fight between populism, dividing groups and setting them against each other, and unifying politics which tries to bring people together. I am unambiguously in that latter tradition.”

He appeals to moderates to sign up to the Tories. “People should join the Conservative Party in order to change the country,” he says. “Having lost one major political party — Labour — to the extremes, it’s vital that the Conservative Party helps to bring people together to the centre. Nigel Farage is a populist, he doesn’t base his analysis on objective fact and improving the nation; he bases his politics on dividing people.”

He would like the party to have a targeted campaign to encourage younger people to join. “The average age to vote Conservative is now 51 and it’s gone up over the last four years. . . The support for enterprise and the freedom to make your own way in the world are very strongly supported among younger voters but Europe has clouded this argument — we need to make it easier to get jobs, get on the housing ladder.”

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