Media coverage for A Question of Degree

Onward’s latest research report, A Question of Degree, has received media coverage widespread media coverage. 

It received news coverage around the launch of the report. 

The Sunday Telegraph, Conservatives plot tax cut for university grads in bid to woo back young voters

The Times, ‘Quarter of degrees ‘are never worth the money

The Sun, ‘Universities accused of ‘mis-selling’ degrees with sky-high fees that short-change students

Daily Mail, ‘One in four students are on ‘Mickey Mouse’ courses that won’t lead to well-paid jobs… leaving taxpayers to foot the cost of their unpaid loans

i Newspaper, ‘Creative arts courses are ‘not economically worthwhile’ – universities should restrict access to them, think tank argues

Daily Telegraph, ‘Bar students from ‘poor value’ university courses that offer little economic benefit, says think tank

BBC, ‘Universities accused of mis-selling courses’

TES, ‘Divert students from university to FE, says report

The report was also featured on the Today Programme newspaper bulletins and throughout the day on the BBC.

Onward staff conducted a large number of interviews, including: BBC Radio 5 Live, The Emma Barnett Show, 47:21 – 55:37; TalkRadio with Mike Graham, 11:06:33 – 11:18:52; LoveSportRadio, The Kelvin Mackenzie Show’, 1:08:35 – 1:17:13. There were discussions on the report on the Guardian Politics Weekly Podcast and the Wonkhe Podcast.

Later in the week, the report was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and Farmers’ Weekly.