Media coverage for Beyond the Net Migration Target

2019-08-01T07:41:14+00:00 July 17th, 2019|Blog|

On Tuesday 16th July Onward launched Beyond the Net Migration Target.


The Huffington Post: ‘Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt told to scrap Theresa May’s immigration target’

ConservativeHome: ‘Mark Harper: Most people think it is right to reduce migration. We need a Sustainable Immigration Plan’

Politics Home: ‘Next Prime Minister urged to dump failed tens of thousands migration pledge’

The Express: ‘Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt risk increasing immigration experts warn’

Conservative Woman: ‘Migration Watch warns against ending target’

Shropshire Star: ‘New PM should replace net migration target with sustainable plan – report’

Times Red Box: ‘Scrap the target and make the UK at ease with its immigration’

The Mirror: ‘Immigration levels now one million higher than the Tories pledged’