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Onward’s latest report, Generation Why?, has received widespread media coverage.

Ahead of and on the day of the report publication, the event received blanket coverage across the news media. 

The Sun dedicated their main Leader column to the report: Britain needs a revived Tory party to crush Jeremy Corbyn’s 1970s tribute act

The Sun, ‘Migration axe: Majorities from EVERY generation and ethnic group want to cut immigration, survey finds’

The Sunday Times, ‘Matt Hancock: Tories must attract youth or face defeat’

The Daily Telegraph, Less than a fifth of millennials would now vote Conservatives

Daily Mail, Tories desperate to win over young people after study reveals voters turn to the party at 51

Evening Standard, ‘Just 16 per cent of under-35s would vote Conservative, study finds’

The Independent, ‘Race to succeed May hots up as Tory leadership hopefuls urge party to win over young voters’

Metro, Jacob Rees-Mogg backing Boris Johnson as leader to ‘unite’ the Tories’

Daily Express, ‘Rivals to replace PM woo younger voters’

City A.M. ‘Tories must move to centre ground to win back young voters from Labour, major study says’

City A.M. ‘The Tories face a struggle with young voters, but hope is not lost’

Herald Scotland, ‘Conservative Party’s giant task in winning over young voters laid bare, polling shows’

Guido Fawkes, Millennials favour low-taxes, controlled migration and balanced budgets

The Week, ‘How can the Conservatives win back younger voters?’

The Onward team wrote a number of pieces around the launch:

On ConservativeHome, James Kanagasooriam argued that: ‘The left-right age gap is even worse for the Conservatives than you think’

On Times Red Box, Rachel Maclean MP and Neil O’Brien MP wrote an op-ed saying: It is not our policies that are the problem for young voters, it is how we sell them

On Reaction, Will Tanner argued that If the centre right gets the policies and values right, the target market for centre right rejuvenation is considerable

The launch of Onward’s report ‘Generation Why?’, held in Parliament on Tuesday 9 April, was also extensively covered by the news media.

The Sun, ‘Leadership candidates battle publicly to replace Theresa May and win back Britain’s youth’

The Times, ‘Tory leadership hopefuls give up the pretense’

Daily Mail, ‘Tory leadership hopefuls make their pitch while Theresa’s still in No. 10’

Daily Mail, ‘Matt Hancock spoke to the cameras, not the audience. Henry Deedes watches as Tory leadership hopefuls make their pitch’

Mirror, ‘Tory leadership rivals scramble to show vision as Theresa May prepares to quit’

Huffington Post, ‘Tory leadership hopefuls appeal to the youth as ‘Spartan’ Brexiteers demand no-deal’

BBC Online, The hustings to be our next prime minister, in all but name

The Telegraph, ‘No vision, robotic and bland’ – Telegraph readers on the Conservative party’s youth problem’

A number of columnists and parliamentary sketch writers wrote up the report launch:

John Crace in The Guardian, “Dreamy matinee idol Matt tries to get a jump on Tory pretenders”

Quentin Letts in The Times, Hancock leads charge of lightweight brigade

Matt Chorley for Times Red Box, Are the Tories finished?

Video clips from the event are available on our YouTube channel.

Matt Hancock spoke about the generational divide in politicsbecoming patriots of modern Britain and the direction of the Conservative Party.

Penny Mordaunt on how Onward’s research should be a wake up call for everyone in politics.

Tom Tugendhat on why the Conservatives need a new brand, not just new ideas.

James Kanagasooriam presented Onward’s analysis of generational differences in voting and the infamous ‘bow tie of doom’.

The report was also featured on a range of radio shows and podcasts, including:

The Andrew Marr Show, Sunday 7 April.

Will Tanner, Onward’s Director, conducted an interview on TalkRadio with Julia Hartley-Brewer from 08:36 am on Monday 8 April.

Will Tanner was interviewed by Adam Boulton on All Out Politics at 09.30 am on Monday 8 April on Sky News.

Chris Mason covered the launch of the report on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 9 April.

Tom Tugendhat, Matt Hancock, Penny Mordaunt and James Kanagasooriam were interviewed on a special Times Red Box Podcast on Tuesday 9 April.

Robert Peston featured Onward’s findings on Peston, on Wednesday 10 April. The clip is available on Onward’s YouTube channel.

Will Tanner discussed Onward’s polling on BBC Politics Live, Friday 12 April.

Generation Why? has changed the terms of the debate and continues to be discussed in the news media.

Martha Gill in The Times, ‘How the Tories can win over young voters’

Allister Heath in The Telegraph, ‘With poll ratings as bad as John Major, the PM risks leading the Tories into electoral oblivion’

Paul Goodman discussed Onward’s polling in ConservativeHome, ‘Screwing Scruton’

Polly Toynbee in The Guardian, ‘Britain is in a grimmer state than I can ever remember’

Nick Timothy in The Telegraph, ‘The next Tory leader can still win big by reaching out to working-class voters’

The Spectator, ‘Being ‘down with the kids’ has turned the Tories into a laughing stock’

The Spectator, ‘Why are women turning away from the Tories?’

New Statesman, ‘The myth of dormant young Conservatives’

CapX, ‘Free Exchange: Will Tanner on the generation gap’

Conservative Woman, ‘Why the yoof are turned off by Tories’

Reaction, ‘Panicking Tories need to rebuild and deliver on housing’

The Times dedicated their leading article to Onward’s research, ‘The Times view on support for the Conservatives: Tory choices’

Dominic Raab endorsed Onward’s report in a column for The Telegraph, ‘My plan to take on the vested interests and revive the dream of home ownership for all’ and ‘Tory leadership contender Dominic Raab calls for radical housing reforms to help ‘Generation Rent’

The Sun, ‘Boris Johnson could lose his seat due to a surge in younger voters’

Adam Boulton in The Sunday Times‘Tories look to a life beyond Theresa May but the Brexit yoke will still be with them’

The Sunday Times, ‘If the Tories can’t pull in younger voters, they’re on a conveyor belt to doom’

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