Media Coverage for The politics of belonging

2020-03-24T13:20:14+00:00 August 9th, 2019|Blog, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Times|

The Telegraph: ‘Boris Johnson is right to prioritise the NHS – it shows voters he cares as much about security as freedom’ 

PoliticsHome: ‘Boris Johnson faces election wipeout unless he rejects ‘rampant individualism’, new poll warns’

Huffington Post: ‘A Third Of Young Voters Now Believe The Army Should Run The Country’

Financial Times: ‘Tories urged to reject individualism to avoid losing voters’

The Telegraph: ‘A third of millennials want martial law and 66 per cent prefer strong leader over parliament, poll finds’

The Times, Janice Turner: ‘It’s no wonder the young crave strong leaders’

The Telegraph, Charlotte Lytton: ‘Do young people really want tyranny, or just freedom from the tyranny of choice?’

The Telegraph, Benedict Spence: ‘Mollycoddled, militaristic millennials are yearning for a new age of enlightened dictatorship’