Our new research project – Generation Wiser

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Our landmark research report Generation Why? broke through the Brexit noise and got Westminster to sit up and take notice of younger voters. Two Cabinet Ministers described it as a “massive kick up the arse” to do more to help young people and well over 50 MPs backed our findings.

Now we want to go one step further…

There were lots of important findings in the report but two of the ones that struck us were:

  • Nearly 3 in 4 young people think “the status quo isn’t working and we need radical change”, and:
  • Around 3 in 5 young people say “the next generation will be worse off than their own”.

We want to understand why. So, we are launching a nationwide survey of young people to understand their hopes and dreams, fears and problems.

But we can’t do it without you…

We need your help to do find out what younger people are most worried about and what they think needs to change. We are looking for young volunteers from up and down the country to conduct interviews in their own community. You don’t need any experience – we will give you a questionnaire and tell you what to do – just time and a network of young people willing to share their thoughts.

Could you interview 6 people under-35 in your area to help politicians understand younger voters?

Our target is 2,000 interviews with under-35s, from every walk of life and from every corner of Britain. Once we hit that target, we will use machine learning to crunch all the responses into a searchable dataset and write up the findings into a research report to give policymakers another “kick up the arse”.

Will you help us?

Become an Onward Volunteer and be part of our next research project today.




N.B. We didn’t come up with this all by ourselves. Emmanuel Macron did it three years ago with Le Grande Marche – a nationwide listening exercise organised by 5,000 volunteers in France. Read about Le Grande Marche and how it formed the basis for the En Marche manifesto here.

Please contact [email protected] for any queries.