Onward After Hours: The shape of the State

On 19 March, we will host our second Onward After Hours event on the second most important political event of the year, which virtually no one is talking about: the 2019 Spending Review. 

The value of university

Onward's recent work on higher education reform has created a fair amount of debate in the mainstream and trade media. This blog is a short response to various questions and comments we have received.

Capitalism Rewired roundtable: Unleashing new models of finance, innovation and regulation through technology

On 7th February, Onward roundtable on the future of financial services and technology, as part of our Harnessing Technology series.

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Giving universities a bad name

Onward's latest report finds that universities with the lowest median graduate earnings issue the most unconditional offers and award their vice-chancellors the largest average pay rises.