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The Government rolled out its new childcare policy this week that entitles parents of two-year-olds to 15 hours of free childcare per week. It’s the first part of the £8 billion package announced at the last 2023 budget that will expand later this year both to include working parents of all children over nine months and covering 30 hours of funded care per week. 

The childcare reforms will save families huge sums of money while boosting productivity by making it easier for parents to work. With the cost of a full-time nursery place for a toddler estimated to be around 30-45% of the average UK salary, this policy is crucial for working parents. It is the right step towards making the UK a better place for families, but there is more to be done to simplify the current convoluted system.

✍️ Research

Charities across the UK are in a dire financial state as demand for their services continues to surge.  Philanthropy offers a promising solution. Reports this week suggested that the Government is considering tax reforms to boost philanthropy, including streamlining Gift Aid. 

Onward’s recent report on philanthropy Giving Back Better found that Gift Aid was too complicated for charities and donors alike, leaving nearly £560 million of funding unclaimed. We recommended automating Gift Aid to make it simpler, increasing donations by £520 million. Philanthropy is a vital source of capital, and boosting charitable donations matters now more than ever for charities’ bank balances.

📰 Media Mentions

Onward’s Director Sebastian Payne wrote in the i about the complexities of leaving the ECHR.

He also spoke on Sky’s Politics Hub about why Reform UK will only aid the Labour party in the upcoming general election. 

Head of the New Deal for Parents Phoebe Arslanagić-Little wrote for CityAM on the growing self-help craze and questions if this is materialism dressed up as philosophy. 

Senior Researcher Shivani H Menon is quoted in the Financial Times on the Government’s plans to boost philanthropy. Onward’s philanthropy research is also referenced in CityAM.

🌐 Onward Online

Senior Researcher Francois Valentin assesses the risks of nuclear energy

🗓️ Upcoming Events

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The UK needs to use its global leadership to press for more research and development (R&D) investment internationally to support the poorest and most vulnerable. This event with Development Minister Andrew Mitchell MP will showcase world-leading projects across the UK that benefit local communities and our neighbourhoods worldwide.

Join us in Manchester at the Science & Industry Museum for an insightful tour alongside a curator to learn more about its exhibitions and aims to inspire the future. Following the panel, there will be networking drinks to close the day.

Date: Thursday 11th April 2024

Time: 16:00- 20.00

Location: Science & Industry Museum, Manchester

To attend this event, please sign up here.

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Social enterprises spread wealth, create good jobs, protect high streets, and ease pressure on the overburdened public sector. If more businesses were mission-led, the government wouldn’t have to work so hard to mop up environmental disasters or shore up low-wage earners.

With Small Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake MP, this panel will bring together leading experts to discuss the nature of the problem facing the UK and firms today and what needs to change to ensure that social enterprises become more common in communities.

Date: Tuesday 16th April

Time: 13:30- 14:30

Location: Central Westminster

To sign up for this event, please click here.

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The UK needs a resilient digital economy to boost productivity, but faltering connectivity is holding us back. When vital networks break down, businesses can lose millions in minutes, and productivity crashes.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Julia Lopez MP joins us to explore how to expand reliable connectivity across the country to support businesses and boost productivity.

Date: Tuesday 23rd April

Time: 15:00- 16:00

Location: Central Westminster

To attend this event, please sign up here.

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