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Today at Labour Party Conference

Today Onward is hosting four events at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. We’re joined by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, former Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram, South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard, and many more police experts, business leaders, and commentators. Don’t miss out. Scroll down to find out what’s on today inside the secure zone at ACC Liverpool.

Monday 9 October

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Debates around housing and the built environment are becoming one of the major political battlegrounds ahead of the next General Election. Both parties are rushing to identify ways of addressing the industry’s key challenges, including skills shortages, rising costs and legislative requirements. This panel event will discuss how the Labour Party can leverage better regulation to unlock the construction industry’s ability to improve the built environment of communities across the UK. Register your interest.

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Beyond their primary function as centres of academic learning, schools serve many roles. They provide health services, counselling, nutritious meals, and enrichment activities, all of which significantly contribute to a child’s development. But fragmented funding, recruitment challenges, and skill shortages mean that much of this work is falling not on support staff but on teachers, who are increasingly acting as counsellors, coaches, and carers. This event will discuss how a national strategy for school education can address the competing responsibilities that leave teachers time-constrained and overworked. Register your interest.

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SMEs form the backbone of the UK economy. But they have long faced barriers towards boosting their productivity by adopting new technology, investing in R&D, and improving management. This event will explore the importance of small businesses to Labour and how the UK can build a thriving economy through greater collaboration between businesses big and small. Register your interest.

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The UK’s complex planning system is one of the key barriers to housing delivery. Local authorities are struggling to meet their Local Plan requirements and hit house building targets. Urgent changes to the National Planning Policy Framework may be needed in order to unlock housing delivery across the UK and harbour a new urban renaissance in Britain’s cities. This event will explore and discuss a new vision for how to reform planning laws and deliver affordable housing. Register your interest.

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