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Next week, voters across 230 local authorities will elect more than 8,000 councillors. Campaigners will be focussing on local issues: potholes, planning, and parking. But the results will have national ripples, and be used to assess the electoral progress the PM has made in his first six months in office – and how far he still needs to go.

What can we really learn from the results? Are we seeing a continuation of political realignment or a reversion to the norm? Should we be talking about the Red Wall, Stevenage Woman, National Swing Man or Deano? To hear thoughts on all this and more you’ll have to come along to our second Future of Conservatism debate – more details below.

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The Government’s Illegal Migration Bill is headed to the Lords this week, after MPs voted to approve the final stages of the Bill in the Commons. 

If the Conservatives are to revive their electoral fortunes and close the gap with Labour, they need to win back the ‘culturally conservative’ voters they’ve lost. These voters tend to sit more left on economic issues, and right on culture.

In our report After the Fall we found most Conservative target voters are extremely concerned about high levels of immigration – an issue pollsters tip to be a key battleground at the next election. To find out more click here.

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Our incoming Head of Science and Technology, Allan Nixon, wrote for The Times on the need for 21st century statecraft to stay ahead in the global science race.

Our new Science and Technology hires were mentioned in Politico’s London Playbook.

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Head of Energy and Climate Jack Richardson shares a snap of the Spectator’s Energy Summit.

Senior Researcher, Anna Dickinson tweets a snap of her trip to Oxford.

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Reclaiming the Realignment: Can Conservatives build a voting coalition for the future?

Despite some recent gains, the Conservatives remain 15 points behind in the polls. Some forecasts project a dire electoral outcome for the Government if recent voting intention were to be replicated at the next general election.

The Conservatives also face long-term demographic challenges. While the age of the average Tory voter continues to rise, younger voters no longer seem to be becoming Conservatives as they get older In 2019 the party won a convincing majority in the wake of Brexit, securing seats in traditional Labour heartlands outside the South East – those seats are now under threat. With a shaky Red Wall and “Blue Fade” in the South, how can Conservatives build a sustainable voting coalition for the future?

Sign up for the second in our Future of Conservatism event series here.

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