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Today, we are in Coventry for Restitch: The Social Fabric Summit. In collaboration with Create Streets and Labour Together, we’ve organised 12 events with over 40 speakers to reimagine our communities, reweave our places, and restitch the social bonds between people.

We’re joined by Security Minister Tom Tugendhat, Shadow Environment Secretary Steve Reed, South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard, Camden Council Leader Georgia Gould, Times’ Columnist Lord Finkelstein, urban planner Carlos Moreno, RSPB CEO Beccy Speight, Civic Future CEO Munira Mirza, and many more. 

You can find the full agenda here if you are joining us in Coventry. But if you want to watch, you can see the complete list of events below, which we will be livestreaming today.

Steve Reed MP - Restitch 2024

Labour Together Josh Simons is in conversation with Shadow Environment Secretary Steve Reed on the role our green spaces play in place-making.

Watch here.

Builders not Blockers 1 - Restitch 2024

Why have we failed to build sufficient homes and infrastructure? Where do we grow? How do we grow?

Watch here.

Skillful futures final - Restitch 2024

How can both local and national governments work with employers and communities to address regional skills gaps and drive regional economic growth?

Watch here.

Building belonging - Restitch 2024

How do we use meaningful community insight and engagement to create neighbourhoods that combat loneliness and strengthen relationships with local prosperity? What is the next level of engagement?

Watch here.

Tom Keynote 1 - Restitch 2024

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat will give a keynote speech on security and community.

Watch here.

Carlos - Restitch 2024

Are 15 minute cities an old idea or a new one? Are they the path to sustainable living or a red herring? Why have the proven so controversial? Urban planner Carlos Moreno, who coined the term 15-minute cities, will discuss these questions with Create Streets Founder Nicholas Boys Smith.

Watch here.

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