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Onward at Party Conferences 2023

Our 2023 Programme

Onward’s party conference programme is consistently rated the pick of the fringe, securing high level speakers, probing deep into policy issues and attracting large audiences. Last year, we held 23 events over 3 days in Birmingham with the Conservatives, and 4 events over 3 days in Liverpool with Labour.

This year, Onward will be holding events at both Conservative Party Conference (1st-4th October, Manchester), and Labour Party Conference (8th-11th October, Liverpool). Our programme will run from Sunday lunchtime to Tuesday evening.

If you are interested in partnering with us for either conference in 2023, you can find out what opportunities are available via the link below:

Onward Political Party Conferences 2023

For more information, please email david.comerford@ukonward.com