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David Skelton


David has worked at the intersection of politics, business and technology for over a decade. He worked extensively in the private sector in London, Singapore and Silicon Valley and with senior politicians and decision makers. He spent seven years at Google, most recently working within the Global Strategy team, before founding Artemon Strategy earlier this year – an organisation dedicated to using foresight capabilities to help businesses navigate uncertainty.  David was previously Deputy Director and Head of Research at Policy Exchange. In 2012, he founded ‘Renewal’, with the aim of broadening the appeal of the Conservative Party to working-class voters and pushing the policy concerns of the “left-behind”.

He has published “Little Platoons”, with a focus on reviving “post industrial towns”, such as David’s home town of Consett. Tim Shipman of The Sunday Times described it as “brave and original” and The New Statesman called it “fascinating and essential.” He has also published the best-selling book “the New Snobbery”, which addresses attitudes towards working class voters. Labour MP, Jon Cruddas, described the book as “compelling”, The Sunday Times said it was “timely, insightful and impassioned.” David has written regularly for a  number of publications, including The Mail on Sunday, The Guardian, New Statesman, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Prospect, Conservative Home and The Spectator, as well as appearing on BBC Radio and TV and Sky News.