Will Tanner

Will Tanner


Will Tanner is Onward’s Director, having established the organisation with Neil O’Brien MP, Danny Finkelstein, Martyn Rose and Nick Faith in May 2018. In that time, he has authored a number of influential policy reports, including: The Politics of Belonging (2019); The Policies of Belonging (2021); No Turning Back (2020); The State of our Social Fabric (2020) and State of the Union (2021).

Before Onward, Will advised Prime Minister Theresa May between 2013 and 2017, as a Special Adviser in the Home Office and as Deputy Head of Policy in 10 Downing Street. He has also previously worked for the leading communications firm, Portland Communications, and for the independent thinktank, Reform.

Will writes regularly for national media outlets. In addition to a regular column in the i Newspaper, he has recently written for the Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian and Politico

The case for empowering neighbourhoods as well as regions
Understanding public support for tackling climate change and attitudes towards new net zero policies
Brand new polling for Onward by Stack Data Strategy suggests public support for an early Scottish independence referendum has fallen considerably since May.
What do the last 60 years of regeneration policy tell us about how to turnaround left behind neighbourhoods – and what does it mean for levelling up?
The epidemic of loneliness among young people as we emerge from the pandemic – and what ministers can do about it.
The State of the Union is the most comprehensive survey of attitudes towards the Union since 2014, drawing on detailed attitudinal research in all four nations of the United Kingdom.
City AM

Will Tanner, Director of Onward, writes for City AM about our latest report, "Double Devo".

Times Red Box

Will Tanner argues in Times Red Box that the Chancellor's Budget should focus less on cost of living and more on the foundation of a productive economy: skills, R&D and investment.