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Adam Hawksbee: Oldham shows that local, concrete action is the most effective route to levelling up


Deputy Director, Adam Hawksbee writes for Conservative Home about the importance of Oldham in the government’s levelling up agenda. He writes:

“[…] progress on Levelling Up has been limited. But that needs to change fast. An election is under two years away, and, while members of the public understand that regeneration won’t happen overnight, they want to see results. The conversation in Westminster often focuses on big national projects or major bits of infrastructure – but when voters think about Levelling Up, their focus is much more local.

“[…] The approaches we’ve recommended have one thing in common – they are rooted in the local, not the national. This has big benefits for Ministers. It doesn’t place additional strain on a Whitehall machine creaking under pressure. And it doesn’t take years to see results – members of the public could observe the green shoots of improvement in mere months.”

You can read the full piece here.

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