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Apprenticeships are failing working class school leavers

Politics Home

Director Will Tanner wrote for Politics Home, discussing how the current apprenticeship system is failing to serve the group of learners that could benefit most from it. He writes:

“The lion’s share of this [the apprenticeship levy] investment was intended for the recruitment and training of entry-level apprentices. But instead, too many big businesses have been spending it topping up the qualifications of their existing employees with additional training. So, what should be a tool for social mobility is instead being used as a professional development tool for middle managers.

The result of this is clear to see: there are now more than twice as many people aged over 25 doing an apprenticeship as people aged 18 or less. Back in 2008 the opposite was true.”

Read the full article here.

Course Correction: Why we need to reform apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are failing working class school leavers, and will undermine efforts to level up without significant reform.

Nick Timothy wrote about why Britain needs to reindustrialise in the Daily Telegraph.