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Apprenticeships failing working class school leavers despite reforms

On April 6th, 2022, we published our report ‘Course Correction,’ that shows how a shortage of apprenticeships for young, working class people is undermining the levelling up agenda. 

Authors of the report Francesca Fraser and Adam Hawksbee wrote for The Telegraph and the Yorkshire Post on why reforming apprenticeships is a vital part of the levelling up agenda. 

The research was featured in a wide range of national, regional, local, and industry-specific media outlets as well. Find all the media coverage by clicking through the link cards.

Read the report: Course Correction

Course Correction: Why we need to reform apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are failing working class school leavers, and will undermine efforts to level up without significant reform.

Director Will Tanner authored a letter for The Financial Times, setting out how apprenticeships serve as a great alternative to low-value degrees.