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As the Tories fight on both political flanks, they need to ditch policy-by-stereotype


Deputy Director Adam Hawksbee writes for CityAM on the causes and implications of the Conservative Party’s double by-election defeats last week. He writes:

“The biggest risk for the Conservatives would be to try to “defend” both flanks with differing sets of policies – playing up the culture war to appeal to Northern seats or watering down ambitions on housing to appeal to the South.

“[…] at the next election, any party looking to form a government will need to adopt a national programme that can appeal to both Wakefield and Tiverton & Honiton. Polls consistently show that the key issues concerning voters today are the cost of living crisis (number one by a margin) and then the economy and the NHS – wherever they live. The government needs to focus on the fundamentals rather than chasing caricatures.”

Read the full piece here.

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