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Britain’s addiction to mass migration is becoming dangerous

The Telegraph

Future of Conservatism Director Gavin Rice explains why legal immigration is still rising post-Brexit in the Daily Telegraph.  He writes:

“The Conservative manifesto in that year said that Britain would welcome highly skilled workers, it’s true. But it also said that “there will be fewer low-skilled migrants and overall numbers will come down”. So why is net migration running at 606,000, the highest figure on record? What happened to the promised rigour of an “Australian-style points based system”? The answer is that Britain has, voluntarily, adopted an immigration regime far more liberal than anything it had before it left the EU.

The most obvious, glaring problem is the salary threshold economic migrants must meet to qualify for a work visa. Astonishingly, this has been set at just £26,200 per year. The Government is expected to announce an increase in this floor to £30,000, but even this would be well below the median full-time salary (£34,963). And it would do nothing to close the back door built into the system: the shortage occupation list.”

Read the full piece here.

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