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Net zero is a huge opportunity for Scotland – and its political parties

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Scotland faces major challenges to decarbonise and many jobs are likely to be affected, but the opportunities are even greater, argue Onward’s Ted Christie-Miller and Alex Luke. They write:

”Twelve industries represent three-fifths of UK emissions and Scotland is more reliant on them for jobs and growth than any other region. These industries, which include aviation, manufacturing, construction, contribute £26 billion to Scotland’s economy each year. That equates to almost a sixth of Scotland’s GVA (16 per cent), double that of London.

Yet while Scotland has a lot to lose from net zero, it may very well also have the most to gain. Over 90 per cent of the pipeline of onshore wind farm capacity is due to be located in Scotland. This could create thousands of jobs during their construction phases, as well as hundreds of permanent, highly-skilled roles once operational.

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