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Childcare reform belongs at the heart of the growth agenda

The Times

Will Tanner and Siobhan Baillie MP write for The Times Red Box on the importance of reforming childcare policy for a thriving economy. They write:

“The childcare system is not fit for purpose for three reasons. First, it is stymied by an overly rigid system of regulations that constrains childcare providers — being a parent requires flexibility, our system of childcare should too. Second, entitlements are overly complicated. Third, subsidies are too bureaucratic and arguably underfunded.

“[…] We are working together on a new report for Onward that will put forward serious ideas to fix the UK’s childcare market once and for all. We hope the government will seize the nettle on this vital issue — the economy will not get the growth we need without it.”

Read the full piece here.

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