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Coastal communities are key to national revival – and political success

New Statesman

Jenevieve Treadwell, Senior Researcher, writes for the New Statesman on the national importance of coastal revival and the political gains supporting this may yield. She writes:

“If Labour wants to build a better Britain, it should start on the coast. If you live along the shore in England, you earn £2,800 less on average than those inland. You are also more likely to die early from a preventable disease, live in a poorer-quality home and be a victim of crime.

This hasn’t always been the case. But deindustrialisation and the drying up of domestic tourism left coastal communities without an economic purpose. The 2008 recession kicked them while they were down, with the coast recovering much more slowly than inland. For a Labour Party that needs to kickstart economic growth to fund investment if it is to keep to its pledges on tax and fiscal rules, reviving England’s coast should be a priority. If the coastal economy caught up with the rest of the country, it could add £8.5bn to national output.”

Read the full op-ed here.

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